LinkedIn has emerged in the online space as a networking platform, but lately, LinkedIn has become an essential platform to generate warm B2B leads. Business decision-makers should utilize LinkedIn to promote their products or services by networking with prospects via LinkedIn.

Since 2016 we are exposed to many LinkedIn browser-based automation tools such as Meet Leonard, Doux-Soup and cloud-based tools such as Expandi, Sky lead, etc. There were many complaints about these automation tools. When these tools are attached to LinkedIn, your accounts may get blocked or banned permanently. Also, the bots used in these automation tools do not function properly. Some of the common complaints we see are bots sending unnecessary messages like sending follow-up messages within an existing communication. Besides, these automation tools don’t pick up the custom variables such as the first or business name right all the time. Another common issue is LinkedIn account freezes and requires rebooting to continue operations.

We manage LinkedIn accounts manually to avoid all sorts of problems. We also research prospect profiles for connecting, gather them into a worksheet for client review and send out client approved scripted messages to prospects. All of our client accounts are running safely without any issues.

LinkedIn Management Workflow
  1. Getting access to your LinkedIn account. No worries if you don’t have a LinkedIn premium account, such as Sales Navigator. We will get you covered for the three months.
  2. Receive written instructions via email on how you would like us to manage your LinkedIn accounts, such as describing your ideal client profiles, messaging sequences, and follow-up time intervals.
  3. We will submit sample profiles to you for review and get your approval before launching campaigns. We will be sending out one connection request message, one message after the connecting, and 1 follow up message for every approved profile.
  4. We will regularly communicate with you to make necessary adjustments.
  5. We will be submitting bi-weekly and monthly LinkedIn campaign reports.
LinkedIn Management Pricing

Our LinkedIn Management services have a fixed price of $300 per month. Depending on your account status, we will be sending out 1,000 connection requests per month with one initial and one follow-up message to your connections.