Campaign management or cold emailing campaign management is probably the most efficient way to reach out to business prospects. We try to establish relationships with prospects through cold emailing and promote services using several email sequences and call to action. The main objective of cold emailing is to get the prospects on a call with you, discuss your products or services’ benefits in detail with the prospect, and close the deal.

We use popular cold emailing software like Lemlist, Mailshake, Reply.io, or similar to operate your cold emailing accounts. The campaign management services include setting up the cold emailing system, receiving emailing instructions, regularly checking the campaign stats, troubleshoot the account, and regularly discuss with you to increase the open and reply rates and take actions accordingly.

Campaign Management Workflow
  1. We will send the requirements of setting up your cold emailing account upon agreement and after the payment is settled.
  2. Receive written instructions via email on how you would like us to manage your email campaigns, such as which email sequences, subject lines, lead lists, complimentary sentences, etc., to use.
  3. We will set up the email campaign according to your specifications and send out test emails to you for approval. If everything looks clean to you, we will go ahead and schedule the email campaigns.
  4. You will be receiving the replies straight to your inbox, so you don’t have to worry about any other things here.
  5. We will regularly check the campaign stats, communicate with you and make necessary adjustments.
Campaign Management Pricing

Campaign Management is a month to month commitment. We will be sending out 400-600 initial emails per month per account, depending on the campaign and response rate. The management fee for one account is $300/month. The management fee for two accounts is $500/month, but only if it’s the same campaign, same business, just more volume. A different company would be $300 per account.